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Commands for title pages in beamer

August 9, 2012

I always forget what these are…so here’s a quick reference taken directly from the Beamer users guide:

\title[⟨short title⟩]{⟨title⟩}
\subtitle[⟨short subtitle⟩]{⟨subtitle⟩}
\author[⟨short author names⟩]{⟨author names⟩} 
\institute[⟨short institute⟩]{⟨institute⟩}
\date[⟨short date⟩]{⟨date⟩}

These are mostly self-explanatory, but its probably useful to show how \institute and \author work together (again from the users guide):

\author[Hemaspaandra et al.]{L. Hemaspaandra\inst{1} \and T. Tantau\inst{2}}
\institute[Universities of Rochester and Berlin]{ 
\inst{1}Department of Computer Science\\ 
University of Rochester 
\inst{2}Fakult\"at f\"ur Elektrotechnik und Informatik\\ 
Technical University of Berlin} 

In particular, notice the \inst and \and commands (don’t use \footnote for affiliations like I used to do!).

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