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Saving R graphics as encapsulated postscript files

July 17, 2012

Although there used to be, there is no longer support for an eps command that can be used to save R graphics as encapsulated postscript files. This SO entry shows what to do. The easiest approach to all this stuff is,

# 'tell' R that any subsequent calls to the postscript function
# should produce encapsulated postscript files (i.e. .eps files) 

# when actually calling postscript, it is usually necessary that the height 
# and width arguments are explicitly specified -- for some reason the 
# default here is WAY too small for any graphics i've ever created.
postscript('filename.eps', height = 8.5, width = 8.5)

# code for generating the graphics goes here 

Thank goodness for SO…this would have taken me a very long time to figure out.

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